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About us 

Te Whare Korowai Taangata o Kirikiriroa (HCNT) provides safe emergency and transitional housing and support to homeless single adults. Some of our guests have complex needs, are a wide range of ethnicities and have varied life experiences.

Many have serious current medical or mental health issues and/or are dealing with different aspects of the criminal justice or legal system. 

Te Whare Korowai is placed at the very beginning of the housing continuum, where other, more appropriate alternative accommodation is unavailable.

Our services address practical and physical needs, addictions, mental health and behavioural problems, reintegration following release from prison, life skills and housing. Our guests can be some of the most vulnerable adults in New Zealand who have witnessed and/or experienced horrific trauma and therefore they struggle to find their ‘fit’ in a society that does not make sense to them.

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